Huron Harp School

Founded in 2006, the Huron Harp School has over 35 members and is growing all the time. It has been nominated twice for a Huron County Cultural Award.

All students regardless of age or experience have opportunities to play together in a casual setting, as well as to perform together. Many students report that group performing, and finding their voice in the group, is the most satisfying part of playing the harp.

Members of the School are students of Sharon Johnston or Mary Ross. Mary began studying harp with Sharon in 2005. She has since studied with various teachers at the post-secondary level. Mary offers private lessons and also directs the younger members of the Harp School in their own ensemble.

The Huron Harp School sponsors retreats. These are three to five day events where any/all harpers are invited to gather for rest, relaxation, harping, socializing and more. Retreats have been been held in Ontario and New Brunswick, with harpers combining the retreat with travel, family vacations, and more. Check out the Huron Harp School Facebook page to find or host a retreat near you.

Huron Harp School students are delighted to perform in large groups, as soloists, or in smaller ensembles. All bookings of the group should be made through Sharon.

Over the past few years, the School has performed at these events:


Huron Harp School performing Brian Boru's March