One hour demo lessons are available. No instrument necessary. Come to Sharon's studio and try out her harps. Learn a tune, learn some chords, and have fun making music together. Group demo lessons (up to 8 participants) are also available as a fun social event.

Most students enrol for one hour, private weekly lessons. Students bring their own harp to lessons, they learn basics of technique and then focus on music that they want to learn. Emphasis can be on note reading or learning by ear.

Sharon believes that learning to play an instrument needs to be enjoyable. Playing together allows each student to play at whatever level they are at while hearing what the song sounds like in a fuller, richer way. Many songs are posted on a private Facebook page so that students can play along at home. This motivates even the beginner student.

Skype lessons are available for students who live at a distance.

Often students start out by renting a harp from the Goderich Celtic Folk Society (through Sharon) or The Harp Nest in London, Ontaro. Harps can also be purchased at The Harp Nest or elsewhere. Used harps are often available through other members of the harp school.

Video of a Lesson