Testimonials from Students and Clients


"Sharon Johnston’s ability to envision a role for everyone and embody that in our lessons and performances enables each of us to enter community music making and feel proud of our contribution."

Margot, adult beginner student

“Before I played the harp I didn't know anything about it. Now thanks to Sharon, I'm playing with the whole Huron Harp School and I've learned so much. She helped me achieve that goal. Sharon doesn't give you too much or too little, she encourages you to practice often and still have fun.”

Elise, age 11

“My daughter loves that Sharon tailors her lessons to include contemporary "pop" songs into her repertoire as well as classic Celtic music.”

Denise, parent of 10 year old

"Sharon is a natural teacher and a fine musician. She has a gift for encouraging each of her students to do his or her musical best. She is also a remarkable leader and community builder. Sharon shares her love of music with all who have the good fortune to be part of the Huron Harp School, whether their musical experience is newly developing or longstanding."

Jane, adult student

"She is the teacher who helped me achieve my dream of playing the Harp, who has been my greatest supporter, always the encourager, smiling and pleasant no matter how her day was going, and being there as I struggled. Her commitment and drive to include every student, beginner to experienced is phenomenal. Her ability to make every single person ‘special’ and to make each student feel like they have a vital role in whatever part they play, is what makes this teacher so wonderful and why she is in such high demand as a teacher and performer. What I have accomplished, with her guidance, knowledge, kindness, and positive reinforcement, is what makes me drive the hour and fifteen minutes there and back for lessons."

Dana, adult student
RCM Gold Medal winner in harp examination

Members of the Huron Harp School

"I am amazed at Sharon's ability to facilitate a wide range of abilities and levels from accomplished musicians to newbies so that each is challenged and enjoys playing with the group”

Kate, Celtic College Director

"You are a very gifted teacher and musician. It was an amazing experience"

Karen, Nova Scotia

"Whether you are 5 years old or 95 years young, Sharon has a place for you in her heart and in her classes. She approaches every student with a gentleness that welcomes music into their very soul. Sharon has a way of meeting everyone, exactly 'where they are' regardless of skill level or previous experience. We are all musicians in her eyes, and that kind of encouragement, trust, and excellence in teaching is a true gift. We are so blessed to have her in this town."

Crystal, adult student and parent of 7 year old student.

Wedding and Special Event Clients

"Your rates are reasonable, your repertoire is magical, the house becomes alive with the sounds and we are all mellowed out! You were so patient and kind to the children and let them feel your harp and see the magic of sound!"

Pam, event host

"Sharon Johnston played her harp at our wedding and I can honestly say it would not have been the same without her personal touch. When we went to meet with her the first time she played a variety of different sets for us, she gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes with her beautiful sounds and talent. I had many compliments about the harp player at our wedding. It just would not have been the same without her!"

Ashton, bride